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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mission Accomplished?: Double bombing in Iraq kills 27

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?   Eleven American troops were killed In Iraq last month, the deadliest since November 2009.  But the American media gives little coverage to a war that does not end.  Are they protecting Obama?
Mission not accomlplished

A double bombing killed at least 27 people, almost all of them police officers, and wounded dozens in a parking lot outside the main police offices in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq on Thursday, according to security officials.

The attack came after a car bombing early this month outside a police station in the southern city of Hillah that killed 16 people, including some officers, and a later failed jailbreak from Baghdad's Interior Ministry compound that left six police officers dead, including a counter-terrorism general.

A police officer takes in the damage at the scene of
a bombing in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk
Eight police officers were wounded when a roadside bomb targeted their convoy as they rushed to the scene in Kirkuk.
"I always left my car in this park. Most of our friends left their cars in this place," said police officer Fadl Ahmed. "I saw about 20 policemen's bodies. There were too many wounded. Everyone was crying. There was too much blood all over the place."

Ahmed mourned his friends. "I saw one of my officers. I had said good morning to him by the lot and when I came back, he was dead."

19 More Dead in Attack

At least 17 Iraqis and two U.S. soldiers were killed Sunday in a wave of explosions, mostly in Baghdad, including a suicide bombing attack against police, security sources and the U.S. military said.  The bloodshed highlighted the tenuous situation around Baghdad, where assassinations and other attacks still occur almost daily.
There has been an increase in the shelling around U.S. military bases within Baghdad's airport grounds as well as the American Embassy compound in the fortified Green Zone enclave.

The U.S. military declined to provide details on the attack that killed the two soldiers.

Eleven American troops were killed last month, the deadliest since November 2009.

And it goes on and on . . . .

The motorcade of a brigadier general with the Interior Ministry was hit by a bomb, killing one civilian and wounding three others. A second attack on the U.S. military was reported Sunday evening, with a security official saying a roadside bomb had struck a Humvee outside the neighborhood of Amiriya in west Baghdad.

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