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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Robot "Judges" to Keep Humans in Prison

Yes, we are that fucking stupid

  • Slice by slice we are turning over every aspect of our lives to computers and now Artificial Intelligence. It is only a matter of time until it is all put under a central "Skynet" system.

(AP) — The centuries-old process of releasing defendants on bail, long the province of judicial discretion, is getting a major assist ... courtesy of artificial intelligence.

In late August, Hercules Shepherd Jr. walked up to the stand in a Cleveland courtroom, dressed in an orange jumpsuit. Two nights earlier, an officer had arrested him at a traffic stop with a small bag of cocaine, and he was about to be arraigned.

Judge Jimmy Jackson Jr. looked at Shepherd, then down at a computer-generated score on the front of the 18-year-old’s case file. Two out of six for likelihood of committing another crime. One out of six for likelihood of skipping court. The scores marked Shepherd as a prime candidate for pretrial release with low bail.

“We ask the court to take that all into consideration,” said Shepherd’s public defender, David Magee.

Not long ago, Jackson would have decided Shepherd’s near-term future based on a reading of court files and his own intuition. But in Cleveland and a growing number of other local and state courts, judges are now guided by computer algorithms before ruling whether criminal defendants can return to everyday life, or remain locked up awaiting trial.

Experts say the use of these risk assessments may be the biggest shift in courtroom decision-making since American judges began accepting social science and other expert evidence more than a century ago. Christopher Griffin, a research director at Harvard Law School’s Access to Justice Lab, calls the new digital tools “the next step in that revolution.”

Critics, however, worry that such algorithms might end up supplanting judges’ own judgment, and possibly even perpetuate biases in ostensibly neutral form.

AI gets a lot of attention for the jobs it eradicates. That’s not happening to judges, at least not yet. But as in many other white-collar careers that require advanced degrees or other specialized education, AI is reshaping, if not eliminating, some of judges’ most basic tasks — many of which can still have enormous consequences for the people involved.

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Anonymous said...

a kind of Judge Dread
skip Diane Lane a all classic beauty , and a classy lady
those ideias are wrong as computers lack emotions as the tax collector

Anonymous said...

at the end only human common sense prevail

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate this....
Its IS going to be the norm, and I do see some good here (as long as the system is "unhackable" (yeah.. riiiiight)>
I'd like to see a "point system" on VICTIM crimes (just like the DNMV).... The higher number of "points" you rack up in your lifetime, them more the "weight" of the justice system comes down on you. (I'd REALLY like to see a system where a set number of cells..... higher "point value" inmates get a bullet to make way for the "low point" offenders to enter the system (kind of a reverse lottery). These criminals who make a career out out of it and get a free vacation at "Club Fed" every so many years has GOT to stop)

Anonymous said...

points are wrong ... those can be hacked by "bough off administrative State Police , hold by pessonovantes of the Mob "
justice , human one , must prevail ...
in the end theres no perfect system , and the more away from that you are the better
as John Adams said and you post it ...
and in america you got that point system , and if that can work ... three fellonies ... and you`re in ... in the end thats not a administrative clerk that said it , as he must "abide the big honcho politico " , but the other power , that montesquieu call it from those three democracy must got
those point system is already on ... and is work as much as we saw it did , cause we are not in the middle age , or in medieval lands of today