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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Communists beat homeowner for being a Christian

They are called Godless Communists
for a reason

(Express)  -  Public security officials stormed the property in central Hanan province after a crucifix was seen outside. 
An eyewitness, described the scene in Nanle as “miserable” as officials beat the Christian homeowner before turning on other Christians coming out of the property. 
Zhang Mingxuan, a pastor and president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, told China Aid: “It is against the national constitution and laws for house church believers to be beaten by Nanle County Public Security Bureau. 
“A lot of problems have been caused because the public security bureau personnel control, attack and persecute Christianity in Henan. I hope the international community will pray for them.”
Communists attack a Christian woman in China

As chaos broke out in Nanle, officials in Xinjiang, raided a Christian couple’s house following reports a cross was displayed inside the property. 
The couple, who run a house church, were detained alongside a woman visiting their home.
China Aid, who identified the couple as Dai and Li, say the couple and woman were taken away by police. 
Dani has since been released but his wife and their guest remain in jail. 
Officials reportedly confiscated other religious items from the couple’s home in north western China. 
It comes as China’s latest regulations on religion come into force. 
The Chinese Communist Party has been accused of cracking down on religious freedom with the laws which restrict worship. 
, singing hymns, removed crosses from buildings and arrested people for attending worship. 
Christian charities have reported scenes of violence, Christians being arrested, sent to labour camps and tortured. 
The crackdown has forced Christians underground and has left 
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