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Monday, May 2, 2016

CORRUPT - Trump wins Arizona, Cruz gets the delegates

"Fuck You"
says Ted Cruz to GOP voters
as he steals Arizona delegates
  • I am totally disgusted by the open corruption in the God Damn GOP. The will of the people in the voting booths has no meaning to these insider, paid off Oligarchs.
  • Election Reform now! No more insider caucuses. No more insider state conventions. No more delegates selected by the bought off Elites.  There should be 50 state primaries and the candidates must be allowed to select their own delegates.

(The Gateway Pundit)  -  Donald Trump won the Arizona Republican primary with 47% of the vote to second place Ted Cruz with 25%.

Trump won all 58 delegates in Arizona.
But that didn’t stop the Cruz campaign and GOP elites from coming in and poaching all of the delegates at today’s state convention.
The Cruz camp and GOP elites call this a “good ground game.”
Even former Governor Jan Brewer, an outspoken Trump supporter, had her name removed from the online ballot and did not make the cut.

Trump supporters are once again crying foul.
KTAR reported:
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pulled out a strategic victory at Saturday’s Arizona Republican Party convention, nailing down a large majority of delegates to the national convention amid cheating accusations from backers of businessman Donald Trump.
The Cruz slate won virtually all of the 28 at-large national delegates and roughly split the 27 delegates selected by congressional district.
Former Gov. Jan Brewer, losing her first election in 35 years, angrily yelled “I got cheated — I got cheated,” as the results became known.
Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated this week.
If his supporters think they can steal the nomination from the Republican candidate with the most votes EVER, they truly are delusional.
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