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Friday, September 4, 2015

U.S. and European borders are wide open to illegal aliens

Pandering to Illegal Aliens
  • United States  -  Both the open borders GOP and the open borders Democrats work together to import as many legal and illegal aliens as possible in order to drive down the wages of American citizens for their Masters on Wall Street.
  • Europe  -  Virtually all Left-wing and Right-wing parties unite to keep the borders wide open and import cheap labor for business interests.  It the case of Europe the cheap labor is 90% Muslim . . . and, just like in America, you are called a racist if you dare to want to protect your nation from invasion.

(BBC)  -  The European Union has urged Hungary to find a common solution to the problem of migrants trying to reach northern Europe.
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he will enforce strict control of his borders as hundreds of migrants gather at the country's main international railway station.
At a news conference with the president of the European Parliament, Mr Orban said it was not Hungary's fault that many of the migrants wanted to travel to Germany, describing the migrant crisis as "a German problem".
The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, warned of a deep split in the European Union if countries did not co-ordinate their response to the migrant crisis.

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Obama allows more Muslims into U.S.

(Washington Times)  -  The Obama administration Thursday announced it will grant legal status and halt deportations for potentially thousands of citizens of Yemen, saying the security situation on the ground there is so bad that the U.S. has a moral obligation to protect people.

The department predicted between 500 and 2,000 people are likely to qualify for the stay of deportation.
The official program is known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and it’s a program normally used for countries that have suffered massive natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes, or armed conflicts.
It is supposed to give other countries a chance to recover without having to worry about an influx of more citizens returning from the U.S. The Obama administration has used it for Ebola-stricken countries and for others hit by terrorism and rebellions. Syria, for example, was added earlier this year.
Those granted TPS are also given work permits allowing them to legally hold jobs, and the department will not deport anyone in that status.
That makes it similar in effect to the deportation amnesty President Obama announced last year for illegal immigrant parents — though a federal court has halted that program.
The initial grant is for 18 months, but TPS is often renewed. Honduras has been on the list for more than 16 years.
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Man Crosses U.S. Border Dressed as ISIS Terrorist, Simulates Beheading

Candidate crosses Rio Grande on an elephant with a Mariachi band playing
This video was in 2006 with a GOP Congress and a GOP President.  The Republicans are under orders from their open borders Wall Street Masters not to enforce the laws. 
The Republicans once again have total control of Congress and as usual they are doing jack shit about sealing the border.

Building a border fence - What a concept!
Hungarian soldiers at work to erect a 175 km fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Meanwhile back on the USA border
Just miles from the center of El Paso, Texas, Biggs was able to cross a river from Mexico into America dressed as a jihadist, while simulating a beheading and waving an ISIS flag.
“We dressed up as an ISIS jihadi to be as obvious as possible and to show and illustrate just how wide open the border really is,” states Biggs.
James O’Keefe also demonstrated the porous state of the U.S. border when he crossed an unguarded footbridge in the upper Rio Grande while dressed as Osama Bin Laden.

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