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Monday, September 16, 2013

Obama to fine doctors who do not spy on their patients for Big Brother

Just bend over & spread your cheeks.
Big Brother wants access to your private medical
"social and behavioral" records

Goodbye Bill of Rights  -  Everyday the SS Black Shirted thugs ruling America find new and creative ways to piss on the Bill of Rights on live TV with hardly a word coming out of the mouths of the phony so-called "opposition party".

Now we have Führer Obama's lackeys ignoring the 4th Amendment and getting your doctor to "voluntarily" hand over your most private and personal medical records to Big Brother government to study, catalog and store forever and ever.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wants to require health care providers to include “social and behavioral” data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and to link patient’s records to public health departments, it was announced last week.

Health care experts say the proposal raises additional privacy concerns over Americans’ personal health information, on top of worries that the Obamacare “data hub” could lead to abuse by bureaucrats and identify theft.

Big Brother claims the program is “totally voluntary,” but eligible professionals who are not using EHRs by 2015 will effectively be fined with a 1 percent reduction in their Medicare and Medicaid fees each year.

According to a solicitation posted by the Department of Health and Human Services on Sept. 4, the CMS is commissioning the National Academy of Sciences to study how best to add social and behavioral factors to electronic health record reporting says the Washington Free Beacon.

The agency said adding social and behavioral data to patients’ online records will improve health care.

“This sounds like an example of the federal government further intruding on the practice of medicine,” said Chris Jacobs, a senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

“It’s including more pay for performance requirements on physicians to collect all sorts of data in order to get government reimbursements,” he said.

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act gave authority to the CMS to pay hospitals and doctors that make the switch to electronic health records, to “encourage widespread EHR adoption.”

Jacobs says the government’s “pay for conformance” culture in health care is “telling doctors what they have to do and how they have to do it in order to receive government reimbursement.”

Jacobs said it is troubling in light of security issues with the Obamacare “data hub,” which will collect Social Security numbers and personal information to verify participation in the health insurance marketplace, beginning on Oct. 1.

And the GOP "leaders" are hiding under their desks
frightened to death to defund Obamacare
or any other Leftist program.

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