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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Germany Imports Thousands of Chechen Muslims

The Truth Hurts.
German Muslims were upset at how they were
portrayed at a German Carnival.

The Death of the West  -  The corrupt Left and Right Ruling Elites of Germany and the other Western nations eagerly import millions of Muslims into their countries.  Many come from hot beds of terrorism.  What could possibly go wrong?

Thousands of Muslims are making their way to the West, in a mass exodus from Chechnya. It is the third wave of refugees triggered by the two Chechen wars in the 1990s. What makes the current exodus so eerie is that it is not accompanied by fighting.

In the first seven months of this year, more than 10,000 Chechens applied for asylum with German government offices, almost three times as many as in all of 2012. The small republic in the North Caucasus, with a population of one million, is suddenly appearing at the top of German asylum statistics.

More people are coming to Germany from Chechnya at the moment than from Syria and Afghanistan combined, two countries racked by civil war.

According to Russian state security estimates, some 600 families have left Argun, a provincial city of 30,000 people, where Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov is having glass-and-steel office buildings erected that resemble the structures in London's Canary Wharf commercial district reports Der Spiegel International.

Radical ISLAM spreads in Germany

Sharia Law District declared in Norway

Putin values Kadyrov, because he has brought a funereal calm to Chechnya. Moscow waged two devastating wars to prevent the republic from seceding. But it was only Kadyrov who managed to wrestle down the Chechen rebels, albeit with brutal methods.

In return, the Kremlin provides him with virtually unlimited credit, including more than €1.6 billion ($2.14 billion) in annual subsidies. Moscow also pays for the despot's escapades without blinking an eye. They include Kadyrov's private stud farm, worth millions of euros, and a giant new mosque in Grozny, which he built in honor of his father.

The Chechens pose a difficult challenge to German authorities. In their offices in Berlin and elsewhere, they must evaluate which refugees are merely in Germany for financial reasons, whether the refugees include Islamists prepared to use violence and which asylum seekers truly deserve protection, because they became innocent victims of the Kadyrov regime.

Chechen President Kadyrov claims that such descriptions are pure fiction. His spokesman characterizes the reports on refugees as an "invention of German journalists." Chechnya is "safer than Great Britain," says Kadyrov, noting that the Chechen economy is the most effective in all of Russia.

Under the eyes of his patron Putin, Kadyrov has established a feudal system, more of a medieval sultanate than a modern state.

The Kremlin is practicing a dangerous laissez-faire policy in the Caucasus. It lets Kadyrov do as he pleases, even when this includes establishing his own paramilitary force, the black-clad "Kadyrovtsy," as Chechens call them.

Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov
Muslims "fleeing" Chechnya claiming asylum are fleeing from their own pro-Russian Muslim ruler looking to restore law and order and prevent Islamist terrorism.  One might conclude that many of those leaving Chechnya were sympathetic to Islamists.  And the West lays out the welcome mat for them.

The Chechen Boston Bombers
The dim bulb American politicians of both parties think it is a great idea for the U.S. to import Muslims from the terrorist hot bed of Chechnya.  The Russians even warned us.  But those warnings were ignored on purpose or due to incompetence.  I vote for on purpose.  After all, a terrorist bombing on U.S. soil gives the state the excuse to attack the Bill of Rights in order to "protect" us.

The Elites of both the Left and the Right call you a racist for daring to believe that your language, nation and culture have a right to exist and not be overrun by foreigners..

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