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Saturday, August 30, 2014

UK arms Islamists while PM warns of "terrorism"

Liar, liar pants on fire
  • Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the CIA have flooded the Middle East with weapons, and now claim the UK might be attacked by the weapons they sent.

Isil terrorists are 'highly likely' to attack UK, warns David Cameron, as threat level is raised to severe.

David Cameron warns country is facing a decades-long battle against terror threat from Syria and Iraq as he announces tough new measures.

Islamist terrorists are "highly likely" to attack the UK as David Cameron announced the threat assessment has been raised to its second highest level.

It is the first time the threat level has been at “severe” since 2011 when it was reduced to “substantial” and reflects growing concern from the risk of British jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq.
It is feared more than 500 have gone and around half of those are now back in the UK, with some possibly planning attacks here.  planning attacks here.

A British Export - ISIS Soldiers
A British jihadist boasts that he would be 'honoured' to behead a Western hostage.  Fighter with Islamic State proclaims that his “hands are ready to do this blessed act” as fellow fighter threatens to bring violent campaign back to the West. 
“I hope God gives me the chance to do such a thing as the brother did with James Foley. Whether it be on someone like James Foley, or a soldier of Bashar [the Syrian dictator] or a soldier of America, my hands are ready to do this blessed act.”
He called killing of the American journalist a “direct and justified response to the crimes of the United States against the Islamic State”.  (Telegraph)

US and Europe in 'major airlift of arms to
Syrian rebels through Zagreb'

(The Telegraph)  -  The United States has coordinated a massive airlift of arms to Syrian rebels from Croatia with the help of Britain and other European states, despite the continuing European Union arms embargo, it was claimed yesterday.

Decisions by William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, to provide non-lethal assistance and training, announced in the past week, were preceded by much greater though less direct Western involvement in the rebel cause, according to a Croat newspaper.

It claimed 3,000 tons of weapons dating back to the former Yugoslavia have been sent in 75 planeloads from Zagreb airport to the rebels, largely via Jordan since November.
The story confirmed the origins of ex-Yugoslav weapons seen in growing numbers in rebel hands in online videos, as described last month by The Daily Telegraph and other newspapers, but suggests far bigger quantities than previously suspected.

Britain and the CIA have been flooding Syria with weapons. 
Now they claim to be "shocked" that terrorism is going on there.

The shipments were allegedly paid for by Saudi Arabia at the bidding of the United States, with assistance on supplying the weapons organised through Turkey and Jordan, Syria's neighbours. But the report added that as well as from Croatia, weapons came "from several other European countries including Britain", without specifying if they were British-supplied or British-procured arms.
British military advisers however are known to be operating in countries bordering Syria alongside French and Americans, offering training to rebel leaders and former Syrian army officers.

The weapons, including rocket launchers, recoil-less guns and the M79 anti-tank weapon, have been seen in rebel hands in numerous videos, and were first spotted by an arms expert Eliot Higgins, who blogs under the name Brown Moses. He traced them moving from Dera'a in the south, near the Jordanian border, to Aleppo and Idlib provinces in the north.

Western officials told the New York Times that the weapons had been bought from Croatia by Saudi Arabia, and that they had been funnelled to rebel groups seen by the west as more secular and nationalist.

The British involvement fits with the government's policy of doing all it can to help the rebels within the EU arms embargo . . . .

Higgins has recently posted videos showing some of the Croat weapons in the hands of the Jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham.

300 Americans fighting in Syria

"Thank you Britain and CIA for the weapons."

A Jordanian ISIS terrorist wearing a suicide bomb belt and holding his Jordanian passport declares his willingness to wage jihad in an ISIS video.

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